Your turnkey

source for

hosting your 

conference online

Conference in a Cloud allows you to do what you do best - create great conferences. Our team handles the rest: the setup, the technology, and the ongoing learnings. Integrates seamlessly with Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx and others.

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why work with us?

Register your audience, protect your content, and delight your attendees. 

Register Everyone

Your sponsors, speakers, and attendees register with Conference in a Cloud's secure portal, and we process payment on your behalf.

Protect Your Content

Your conference's online content is "gated" through our password-protected server and available only to authenticated users.

Delight Your Attendees

Conference attendees experience your content both live and on-demand, and the library of presentations & handouts are available 24/7.

about us

We use our experience to help you drive attendance and engagement.

AmpliPhi created Conference in a Cloud in response to the massive shift to remote work. AmpliPhi Founder Spencer X Smith has given over 250 speeches since 2015, and in March of 2020, his speaking gigs evaporated almost overnight. In his conversations with conferences organizers forced to cancel their events, he heard one theme consistently - "I just wish we could do something." 

Whether your conferences moved online on purpose or out of necessity, we're here to help you. We'll facilitate your online conference to keep your target audience engaged - and equally as importantly - ready to take action from the content. Our turnkey system handles everything you need to provide a great conference experience...virtually.

our approach

The next best thing to being together in person

Conference in a Cloud exists to help you both maintain & build your reputation as a resource to your audience. The "glow" of an in-person conference wanes quickly after everyone goes home, and we're here to help ensure your attendees take the next actions necessary to further their business initiatives.

To this point, speaker presentations, videos, handouts, and other resources have resided in disparate locations - a conference registration website, a separate app for during the conference and...nothing...after the conference. Our Learning Management System helps you keep everything you need for successful outcomes in one place, seamlessly - before, during and after your conference.

What's included

What you get with our solution


Learning Management System (LMS) portal

This is most important element of Conference in a Cloud. To help your attendees experience successful outcomes, we host your content in a module & lesson-based format so your audience can both learn AND implement the teachings from your instructors, facilitators, and speakers. Demo a sample LMS in-action here.


Pre-recorded video sessions

For your sponsors & speakers who wish to pre-record their sessions, our solution helps them showcase their latest offerings (for sponsors) and recordings of their slide presentations (for instructors or speakers). Integrates with YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and other video hosting solutions.


Live webinar sessions

For facilitated live sessions or workshops with instructors or speakers, you can use your preferred webinar software of choice: Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, etc. We integrate with all of them.


Q&A webinar sessions with speakers, facilitators, and instructors

After attending either live sessions or watching recordings, you can save your Q&A session(s) with speakers, facilitators, and instructors so attendees can ask specific questions and more importantly, take action on their learnings.


A secure portal for your presentations and handouts

Our secure portal allows access only to registered users of your conference. Presentations, slides notes, checklists, and other valuable assets made available by your presenters are available 24/7 for attendees.

Secure Your Content 

Within the Conference in a Cloud platform, you can place restrictions on your conference material before, during, and after a conference. Whether your event is free or people pay to attend, our solution allows for your content to be protected.

Contact our parent company, AmpliPhi to discuss what you'd like to accomplish through Conference in a Cloud.